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I'm a software developer from The Netherlands, with over a decade of software development experience. I work at GitLab as a Staff Backend Engineer.

I'm interested in the development and theory of compilers, virtual machines, garbage collectors, and programming languages. I'm also the author of the Inko programming language. If you'd like to support my work on free and open-source software, you can do so using GitHub Sponsors.

You can contact me via Email, Twitter, or Reddit; though I prefer Email. You can also find me on GitLab and GitHub. Please do not contact me if you are a recruiter.

My GPG public key is EB691AC9 registered using Email address yorick@yorickpeterse.com. Other keys registered on my name are no longer in use.

Free And open-source software

A non-exhaustive list of the Free and Open Source Software projects that I work on or have worked on in the past:


10 years of software development
Deciding when to collect garbage
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Writing a self-hosting compiler for Inko
Inko: a brief introduction
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Oga 1.0 Released
Oga: a new XML/HTML parser for Ruby
Hacking extconf.rb
Contributing To My Code
Debugging With Pry
Use BCrypt Fool!


A collection of notes on various topics. These notes are primarily meant for myself, and published here so I don't lose track of them over time.

Local throws, non-local throws, and move semantics
Inko escape analysis for closures